Jaguar C15835ASSY – E-Type 3.8 Triple SU Carburetor Assembly


This is a very early E-Type triple SU setup that includes the split shaft on the manifold and appropriately dated carburetors.

The water outlet pipe design near the blanking plate indicates this was installed a car built after June of 1961, and the triple slave shaft design ended around January of 1962, which would suggest this came on a car produced in the last half of 1961. The carburetor date code stamps are T12, and there seems to be consensus that this code designates December of 1960 Carburetor production.

It should be noted that one of the carburetors has only the ’12’ marking, without any letter. The other two have a ‘T’ along with the 12. Visual inspection of the carbs and the patina support my belief that these are in fact a matched set.

The assembly Includes the complete manifold setup, throttle shafts and most linkages, choke linkages, air balance pipe, water outlet pipe, etc.. See the notes below documenting some missing but non-date crtical pieces. Also,

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This setup is mostly complete, however the following items are known to be missing:

– 2 of 3 shaft control rods (C17635)
– 1 float
– 1 float needle
– 1 float lever
– 2 float lever pins
– 1 plastic spring perch

Other items may be missing as well. Please carefully review the photos and contact us with any questions you may have.

Application: Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8; Very early cars.

State: Used

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