Jaguar C14957 – E Type (XKE) 3.8 Cylinder Head – SOLD

This is an R-Series cylinder head from a relatively early E-Type that has been recently been completely refreshed and is ready to install. It was probably from a car built in September of 1962 based on information from Please read the full description below to review the condition of this hard-to-find head.




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This is the same cylinder head we were previously offering, but it has now been thoroughly gone through and rebuilt.

We acquired this cylinder head with a large lot of parts back in early 2019.  Since it had obviously been rebuilt prior to us getting it, we offered it for sale as it was.  We’ve had several inquiries since then over the last year but were never able to answer questions about when the work was done, what exactly was done and who did it.

So, we decided to go ahead and strip it down, inspect it, and do what was necessary to properly prepare it for sale.  We found it to be in good overall condition, but the following has now been done to the head since we originally listed it.

Our shop:

  • Disassemble head
  • Media blast with plastic media
  • Thorough washing, and blowing out of all galleries
  • Cleaned and polished valves that had been previously replaced
  • Re-polished front portion of head

Local cylinder head shop:

  • Lightly resurfaced the face to remove some small scratches
  • Honed the cast-iron guides that had been installed to get proper stem clearance
  • Lightly reground the valve seats and valves

Back at our shop:

  • Media blasted cams (lobes and journals protected)
  • Cleaned and flushed all cam oil passages
  • Polished cam lobes and journals
  • Installed new cam bearings
  • Reassembled with new springs, bearing cap studs, lock washers and nuts
  • Checked all eight bearing clearances with plastigauge – all well within spec
  • Set valve clearances to spec (.004”/.006”)
  • Performed final assembly with assembly lube
  • Torqued bearing caps to spec

This head is now ready for paint which you can have done to your specification prior to installation.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this head, and provide a shipping quote in advance of purchase.



Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 14 × 10 in